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What a wonderful children's movie!
(wonderful if you belong to the devil!)
Jdrama! Jdrama! Jdrama! 
13th-Jul-2008 10:36 pm
My mind got eaten by Japan. It's really not my fault. All of these are either drama based, or depend so little on manga versions that it doesnt matter.

Hana Yori Dango:

Scarlet - lazulisong
Domyouji is inappropriately turned on. *purr* This is short, but very visceral.

A Million Reasons - dementedchris
This is sweet and touching. Tsukasa will do anything for Makino. Even if she is stupid enough to get sick.

All That I Need - dementedchris
Another sweet one. Tsukasa earns his way. With snark.

Observation - tarigwaemir
Interesting little look at two people on a bus. I love the last line.

Dilemma - honooko
Soujiroh/Akira and inevitability. Lovely lovely.

Six Times Makino Tsukushi Was Annoyingly Late, and One Time She Wasn't - tofuidol
YES. Pitch perfect Makino and Domyouji, and her lateness is HILARIOUSLY awesome. Domyouji swings between completely insane and completely awesome, as he should.

Well, he says the last bit in English, and it actually ends up "you trying to kiss bus" but Tsukushi is well versed in Domyouji-babble these days.

Gokusen: - Mainly manga-verse, but fairly easily understood by drama fans.

30 Kisses - MoonKlutz
Shin/Yankumi. Falling in love in 30 parts. Very well written, and it allows Shin and Yankumi to handle things at their own pace.

Shall We Dance - ev1l-ch1b1-urd
Yankumi lays a trap for herself. And falls right into it, and in love with Shin. A fun read. Gets a little goofy and a little too convenient close to the end, but still enjoyable.

The simplest solution - orange_crushed
Soft and lovely and waiting. Beautiful.

Slight Misunderstandings - Akene_Rei
Yankumi misunderstands a few things. Like, the fact that Shin isnt gay. *giggles* Funny and touching.

Write For You - anenko
Slow and lovely as Yankumi finally realizes.

Classroom Interlude - Linay
YES. Ive been WANTING angry!confrontational!Shin after Yankumi resigns, and this delivers. Sadly, no porn, but some makeouts.

The Absence of Nothing - Avelynn Tame
Shin's interest in Yankumi, told according to his attendance records at school. Brilliant.

Hana Kimi:

All That I Have - Chash
Nakatsu and Kayashima, after high school. Cute and adorable and left me grinning.

A Little Ghostly Nudge - Settiai
Nakatsu gets possessed. Sometimes it scares me that I belong to a fandom where people getting possessed is fairly routine. And generally hilarious. Nakatsu/Kayashima, with a little bit of help.

Close Quarters - threewalls
Nakatsu/Mizuki/Sano, in a way. Only not yet. Nakatsu discovers Mizuki's secret during a school wide sleepover.

Gift Exchange - mercuriosity
Ive yet to understand why Hana Kimi fandom isnt kneedeep in threesome fics with Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu. IT SOLVES SO MANY PROBLEMS. This time around, Sano and Nakatsu pick out a gift for Mizuki.

Crowd - mercuriousity
MmMMM, threesome. This is lovely and lyrical in the discovery.

Snapshots - exwaiz
I love the feeling of this one. Sweet Nakatsu/Kayashima.

Tomorrow - stickerbox
Im a die hard Sano/Mizuki fan, but I love seeing how people handle Nakatsu's crush on Mizuki. This is lovely and sweet, and in its own way, sad. Because we already know how it's going to end.

Smiles - rinalin
It's SEKIME fic! *glee* Short and cute. Ashiya always sees him.

I have a scary number of Arashi fics to rec too. Will try to get to those tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed these!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
14th-Jul-2008 10:47 pm (UTC)
I'm always so thrilled when I run across recs and/or fics for any of these series. (Thanks for the "Write For You" rec, too!)

Are you going to post this rec list to brokemycaps? I like poking at the comm every now and then just to make sure it doesn't die an early death. *g*
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