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What a wonderful children's movie!
(wonderful if you belong to the devil!)
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11th-Jun-2012 04:36 pm - Smutty Glee
Why do I do this to myself? Never update and end up with a truly ridiculous number of recs sitting in my delicious links.


Regardless, have some porn! My BFF is reading 50 Shades of Grey, and I am HORRIFIED, so I told her i would link her to much better porn. Unfortunately, all of this is slash, and she loves het. Oops?

Tongue Ring- threepwillow
Blaine gets a tongue ring. NNNNGH. My brain, it is dead from hot porn.

Near and Far - Aeria
Blaine's in Europe for three weeks,and Kurt is lonely. Skype smut.

Cat's Cradle - skeletondance
I am almost embarrassed to rec this, as it's daddy!kink, and I generally don't read that or enjoy it enough to rec. This is very prony, but it's very clear throughout that they are playing, reality peeks through enough to show both them in and out of character, and that's really what makes it hot to me.

Good (You Know What I Mean) and No Object of Lust
BadBoy!Kurt puts the moves on straightlaced Blaine in the '50s. Very very hot, top!Kurt all the way.

We'll Never Be Porn Stars - gleekilicious
First time Klaine sex is awkward and adorable with a whole lot of laughter and nerves. SO CUTE.

What a Way to Wake - controlofwhatido
Early morning sleepy sex. Hot.

Like the Mess - controlofwhatido
Kurt and Blaine like the mess. Pure, filthy smut.

On the Line - icedwhitemocha
Kurt might not be ready for real life sex, but sexting and phone sex? Oh yeah.

I Would Be the One - the cimmerians
First time bondage.


Jockstrap Kurtofsky
Kurtofsky, jock strap with Kurt in his Cheerios uniform. UNF. Top!Kurt

Drunk at a party, and Kurt decides to take what he wants. Top!Kurt

Not Yet -
Karofsky is dangerous. Blaine is wonderful. Kurt ends up over his head. (I told you I wasn't good at relationships.) Klaine, Kurtofsky, all kinds of fucked up on both ends

The Rainbow Network - LucyToo
Karofsky goes on an anon help chat and ends up with an unexpected peer counselor. And then the sex. YAY!

Just Dance
Mike tries to teach Kurt some new moves, but they get distracted by each other.

(for the very) First Time - oddegg
Puck wants Kurt to top. Unfortunately, his communication skills are lacking. UNF. Top!Kurt
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
25th-Sep-2011 03:24 pm - Harry Potter fics
Five Kisses - ghost_lingering
Harry/Luna, and five kisses. Lovely and sweet and spanning time.

Spellcaster - SGCBearcub
epic, complicated, plots within plots, absolutely engrossing. Snape/Hermione

Finding Himself -minisinoo
LOOONG novel - what if Cedric survived? Hermione/Cedric. Intriguing and engaging.

On Wrackspurts and Pumpkin Pies - nopejr
Gen, Luna and Goyle's stories.

The Only One He Ever Feared - jjtaylor
You've got it all wrong. We're the good guys. Creepy and mindfuckery with NO CLEAR ANSWER AAARRGH.

The Caretaker - Aurette
Long, plotty, "soap opera" Snape/Hermione. Involves Soul Bonds and Life Debts.

Amortentia - excentrykemuse
Very interesting rare pair fic. Romilda Vane/Harry Potter. Purebloods, schemes, and timetables in love.

Third Time's the Charm - Helen
Severus and Remus, and the slow fall.

Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property - Helen
Draco ends up married to Neville after Neville pops his cherry. Sort of sad and lovely and aching.

19 1/2 First Dates - xylodemon
James finally gets a date with Lily, and Sirius has a fool proof plan!

Along the Way - edenfalling
Hermione grows up.
4th-Mar-2011 09:04 pm - More Glee
I will keep posting these, but I keep adding new bookmarks! Right now, there are over a hundred. Oy. Have some Puck fic!

-(for the very) First Time - oddegg
Puck/Kurt and very dirty. YUM. Puck wants to bottom.

-Slow Rising - hitlikehammers
very slow and VERY good Puck voice. He is never anyone other than himself, even when he figures out Kurt is the only one he's getting naked with.

-Streetlight People - jockchic
When did I start shipping Puck/Kurt so hard? Ten years later, and the past comes back with one phone call. To a hooker.

-Don't Make It Bad - jockchic
A car crash, and Puck and Kurt say hello. More gen than shippy. I was crying by the end of this. Lovely and sad and hurty.

-Not a Victim - the_dicethrower
Puck/Kurt, sort of, but more bromance with some making out. Angst, rape, but ultimately kicking ass and being awesome. Kurt needs some protecting, and then he takes his problem out.

-Roses in my Hand - unequivocally
Making it, screwing everything up, and learning forgiveness. I love the snapshots way this is written.

-Six Conversations - unequivocally
After Babygate, and it's all falling apart. He needs her, he could hate her, and it's all hurty and wrong.

-Viking 101: Noah Puckerman's Guide to Living Life Like a Sex Viking - unequivocally
HAHAHAHA. a syllabus to how to live Puck's awesome life.

-the benefits of honesty - becca_radcgg
Puck/Rachel, True Blood, and inevitability. Rachel kind of moves into Puck's life, and he doesn't exactly fight her.

-How To Fight Loneliness - [Unknown LJ tag]
this is probably more true to Puck than Im comfortable with. He has a tendency to lash out for the slightest thing, but there is something hopeful underneath all this.

-the high school confessions of two good looking jews - crackers4jenn

According to my On Broadway! wall calendar, we have been dating socially for an entire month, which means it's about time we present ourselves to the general public as 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend'. It's a huge step, but I'm committed to the title of being your significant other. Are you??? I know it's a role that has the potential to be confining, but I feel confident that we will play our parts admirably. Thank you for being a worthy leading man!

Rachel *

-One of Us - countrygirl_914
Puck/Rachel, about the baby, and becoming one of the team, and fjdskhfjkds!! the future!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
17th-Feb-2011 10:46 pm - Glee recs, Kurt focused
Be My Guest-Kasey
If Kurt won the Duet contest, who would he have taken? Five things that could have happened.

Me and the Boys Will Be Playing all Night -catte_noir
Puck and Artie are busking when a little girl wanders up. Totally choked me up.

BRB SOBBING. Sam is gay and out and invited to the guy stuff. Kurt is gay and out and isn't. This is such a kick in the gut.

I have GOT to stop reading the angst meme, omg. Kurt decides to commit suicide if Burt dies. He forgets to get rid of the letter, and Burt finds it. SOBBING SO HARD.

Burt at Kurt's first ballet recital. I love Burt Hummel more than life itself. Also, Kurt sneaking a tutu out of the ballet trunk is a beautiful thing.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
31st-Dec-2010 11:06 pm - Yuletide 2010 Recs
Fuck it, I never get Yuletide recs up in time, so I'm just going to link to my delicious account because I am lazy and I dont wanna have to do all those links.

Yuletide 2010 delicious recs

Fandoms: Feminist Hulk, Mulan (Disney), Fairy Tales, Ninja Assassin, Easy A, The Outsiders, Toy Story series, Enchanted, Despicable Me, Goodnight Moon, Hairspray, Earth 2, Mighty Ducks, Vorkosigan, Boy Who Could Fly, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Old Spice Guy, Live Free or Die Hard, Mirrormask, Arashi, Coffee Prince, FoxTrot/Calvin and Hobbes

...speaking of yuletide recs, I never have done them for the past two years, although I save them all to delicious.
Yuletide 2009
Yuletide 2008
BIGBANG: Tae Young-Fierce
5th-Sep-2010 06:40 pm - Glee Recs
So many many recs to clear out this folder. Oy.

Kurt gen:
Sensible Heels - losers_day
Three year old Kurt, sensible heels, and his dad dealing.

Be Yourself and Five Other Clichés - fakeplasticsnow
Kurt gets a makeover (from Puck), destroys the celibacy club, and gets a boyfriend. TOTALLY CUTE.

Mike and the Mechanics - crackedaglet
Mike has to take his car in. He starts seeing Kurt in a completely different light.

'Cause You've Got An Awfully Long Way to Go - paperclipbitch
Puck offers to help Kurt get into Finn's pants.

Buenos Nachos, Mr. Shue! -une_fille
Puck sucks at Spanish and gives Schue a migraine. HILARIOUS.

reruns all become our history - andbless_mybaby
Puck/Rachel. Sad and hurty and hot and hopeful

Lives of Illusion - McChanged
Rachel/Puck. Time flows forward and back in this, lyrical and lovely and a good look at what Puck COULD be thinking. Maybe.
I have reasons why I havent updated in forever, and most of them have to do with my hard drive crashing and taking all of my bookmarks with it. i now am bookmarking stuff on delicious so i wont lose it, but i lost somewhere along the lines of 200 bookmarked fics to rec, so i..havent had much to say, because i DIDNT HAVE ANY LINKS TO ANYTHING.

So, here. Have Arashi!

One More Reason AnAn Rules - still_ciircee
Ohno has an AnAn shoot. Nino..helps. Manager just hopes they keep their pants ON until they get to the set! Ohmiya, naturally.

Them - still_ciircee
Scroll down to read. OMG this makes me cackle with glee! Gackt/Arashi.
Gackt really hadn't intended to sleep with two-fifths of Arashi.

Five Miracles (of Questionable Origin) That Happened to Arashi - still_ciircee
*cries laughing* Five different ways the members of Arashi get knocked up. I can't decide which is my favorite, although this line is HILARIOUS:
"I don't care if you thought the look on Jun's face would be funny," Sho roared. "You do not tell the angel of the lord that you'll bear the next Jesus even if you DO think it's only a dream."

Glee/Arashi - aatash
GLEE+ARASHI=YESYESYES. HnA comes to McKinley, for some reason, and New Directions and Arashi do a song exchance. And Puck thinks Nino is a girl, Rachel follows Ohno around, Aiba makes friends, and Jun and Kurt bond on a deeply fashionable level. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL I COULD CRY.

Anniversary - hokoono
10th Anniversary orgy porn. YES.

smoke - hokoono
Nino loves too much. *hearts wildly* Nino/Arashi

The Lost and The Lost :Redux- katmillia
jfksldajdklsajdksla. *babbles* It's Arashi, and it's the end of the world, and there are ZOMBIES, and this is the most amazing fic EVER IN THE WORLD AMEN. Jun/Sho.

endings/reshuffled - g_esquared
What if Arashi never happened? Very cool and interesting what if.

The Gospel of MatsuChrist - katmillia
MatsuChrist: So, this will be my last supper..hey! Don't you open that oven door, asshole, that souffle still needs to rise!

Now Lie in It - still_ciircee
*chokes with laughter* Aiba can't figure out why girls keep leaving after he's gotten them back to his apartment.

Ten - isaofdoom
Ohno's birthdays from 6 to 10. Chibi!Arashi and Ohmiya. Cuteness!

The Only Love We Keep - still_ciircee
Sho is getting married. One sided Sho/Nino, and oh so lovely.

A Shallow Breath to Swallow - miscetera
Nino haunts a young Sho. Lovely and sad and wistful. Sho/Nino.

The Subtle Courtship of Sakurai Sho By One Ninomiya Kazunari -__sine
Sho and Maki are in a drama together, and Nino is a little bastard. As usual. Cute and funny and entirely too fun. Sho/Nino.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
Forever since last update! Apologies!

Hana Kimi TW:

Occupational Hazard - cupcake4mafia
I LOVE THIS FIC. There is not NEARLY enough fic about Hana Kimi TW, but this is a fabulous fabulous example of WHY there needs to be more.

Senior Nan helps Xiu Yi deal with a crisis. *snerk*

“It is two in the morning,” Nan growls, fingers clenched on the doorknob. “If your room is not on fire, then I suggest you go back to bed.”

“My heart is on fire,” Xiu-Yi insists, one hand fisted in his shirt for emphasis.

Nodame Cantabile:

Modern Inconvenience - swollenfoot
Chiaki is a master at justifying. That's why he's curled up with Nodame under the kotatsu.
It was with the same ease he had lectured about the winter months being conducive to the propagation of disease, about the health hazard of even trying to live in that hellhole of a place she called home, about eco-friendly measures and the energy efficiency of simply heating a single apartment instead of two—an uncharacteristically frugal statement.

Typical - lilyayl
This is lovely. Told in alternate times in snatches and pieces, we see Chiaki falling.
"I understand," she said, which was extremely discomforting, because Chiaki knew he did not. He had ceased to really understand anything where Nodame was concerned. He only knew he wanted her close.

Into the care of Amphitrite, I surrender my beating heart - nutty_scribbler
Another lovely lyrical fic where Chiaki surrenders.
In its imperfection, Chiaki could hear the strength of the pianist's soul: pure, giving, spirited and above all, humanly flawed. Something went off in him: his heart raced, his palms sweated and in the span of that single rhapsodic moment, he wanted to both laugh and weep his heart out.

He now remembers also thinking, so this is how it's like to fall in love.

Sinfonia Cantabile - aiwritingfic
This is amazing. I love the tone of this fic, and how it's told in numbers and days. The repetition is gorgeous. Seriously, this gives me chills at the end.
Against the passing days, he had made plans for the symphony's first rehearsal. Against the doctors' advice, he had played a few bars every day, hoping and waiting for the notes to register once more. Against his mother's well-meaning dissuasion and his uncle's stern admonishment, he had gone over the score countless times daily, hearing it grow fainter and fainter in his mind as he read the notes and listened to them in his head.

And then one day he had pulled out the score, looked at the notes, and heard nothing but the silence that never left him.

no in-betweens - zauberer_sirin
So so lovely. Nodame fic has a tendency to capture either Nodame's madcap insanity and be absolutely hilarious, but I prefer the lovely, lyrical, musical fic which ebbs and flows, and you can almost hear the melody. I can hear the ebb and flow here.
But Nodame's hands tremble a bit and are a strange animal when he brushes his fingers against hers -she knows what he is going to say- and Chiaki really really wishes she would stop joking about “their relationship”.

Not because it's not a relationship, but because it is not a joke.

Immortal Beloved - ChalakChalak
Longer fic, exploring Nodame and Chiaki's reactions and denials of her, and how everything can all fall apart all too easily.
As he spied on her from the corners of his eyes, every movement she made he knew. The way she cut the potatoes with nimble fingers, thanks to years of piano playing. The way her eyes spread back and forth from the pans to the pot and back to the pans, as if reading a score. The way her mouth pouted in a ridiculous sort of way as she concentrated on taking out the chicken fillets out of the pan. Every habit he knew and though he would never admit it, he felt a sense of pride in knowing her that well.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji:

Two Drabbles: Imaginary Girl, this is a song for you - I'll Follow the Sun
The first is a teasing look at Rika/Aoyama, where he thinks he failed, and she shows him he didn't.
The second is all Kiba/Izumi, and Kiba is such a PUPPY omg.

Lost Cause - anenko
Rihito losing his cool over Mei is my favorite thing on earth. And here, he is all butler, and all man, and he's so mixed up and in love and MEI and YES, and I love this so much.
The minutes are ticking by, and Rihito has not moved. Neither has the comforter. His inaction is a disgrace, his failure a dark mark upon Mei-sama's honour, and yet Rihito can do no more than stare at the bed he had shared with his lady.

The Last Step - biases
*babbles* i love this fic like CANDY. Mei is fed up, Rihito is repressed, and Mei knows exactly what she wants. Mei is feisty, here, and I love how she's written. I love the cracking of Rihito's butler-y calm, and how neatly she walks him into everything.
He seemed to know what she was thinking, because his smile grew even wider, and his eyes seemed to darken with something she didn’t know. “That’s a lot,” he said, and looked to say more when Mei decided she simply couldn’t sit through another second of small talk and he’d have to start liking grabby girls whether he liked it or not.

Two Steps to a Successful Evening - anenko
mdksajdklsajdkals! This is funny and suggestive and yummy and HILARIOUS.
It was, Rihito thought, surprisingly satisfying to help Mei tear the bed apart.

Love Shuffle:
Ladies Choice - anenko
Love Shuffle is a show that starts off completely goofy, and then proceeds to blow your mind in places. This fic fixes something skeevy that happens in the last episode, and it does so without cheating, without tricks, and with the idea of being warm.
He had promised Mei, on their last day as husband and wife: it is her turn to choose, now.
BUFFY: Crashed Your Prom
9th-May-2009 01:44 pm - The Arashi Folder is Out of Control
I still have 43 fics saved to my Arashi fic recs folder. orz.


Jun as a cat - lazulisong
...Jun as a CAT. It's so beautiful. And it's all Aiba's fault.
"Hello? Matsumoto-san? I AM VERY SORRY, I TURNED JUN INTO A CAT."

A Day In Our Life - literarylemming
..and now Sho is a puppy. It's not his fault!
Nino only knew it was Sho and not some hapless stray because he'd watched the puppy struggle with a ballpoint pen and a scrap of paper that morning until it could scratch out the simple message, "I AM SHO SAKURAI DON'T LAUGH I'LL PEE ON YOU."


Five Ways Jun Spends Hanami with his Retarded Bandmates - wingsonwords - very vaguely Jun/Aiba and Ohmiya
I LOATHE the use of the word "retarded," which comes up often in Arashi stuff, but it is the title, so im using it.
When Jun idly remarked that Aiba's hair smelled like his shampoo, Aiba had kissed him, opened-mouthed, against a tree, for a solid five seconds. That was for the bird bento, Aiba exclaimed happily, even as he spent the next five seconds clutching at his shin.


Chasing Rainbows - silver_lined
They are PIRATES. Aiba befriends strange sea beasties. Nino tries to throw Jun overboard. Ohno makes decisions.
Nino can hear splashing and shrieking giggles that probably means Aiba has found yet another possibly lethal ocean animal and befriended it.

How I Met Your Other (self) - more- still_ciircee
I love this! I do. It's just..Aiba works in a bakery, Nino likes to argue, Sho dials wrong numbers, and Jun is dating Nino's SISTER, and it's all completely AWESOME.
But when he gets next door there's a guy in a suit sitting at a table with Aiba and three cups of coffee. "…a fish and my place is a mess," the guy is saying.


You Can't Help But Grow Hot - mousapelli
Ohno loves Arashi. Arashi loves him. *hearts*

Six Things Arashi Did Not Quite Say - honooko
*hearts* this is lovely and sad and gentle. They really do take care of each other.

Metaphors - lockability
Aiba tries to figure out a way to make everyone understand Arashi.
(woman) Nino + (man) Ohno + (me!) Aiba + (drunk) Sho + (cranky) Jun = Arashi = Family?


Twisting the Rules - beckerbell
Ohno/Jun/Aiba, all set around how very bendy Jun is, and how competitive Jun is at Twister.
"Jun-kun is really good at this game, right?" Ohno said with a faint nod to himself and Jun could see a look Ohno's his eyes that he wasn't sure he liked. "So Jun-kun should be able to keep playing even like this."

Asking Nicely mitsuhachi
Aiba distracts Jun at a photoshoot. YES PLEASE.
Aiba lost it, curled over Jun’s bare shoulder to muffle helpless giggling against his skin. “Does that mean you won’t wear the schoolgirl outfit for me again?”

Tattoo - kegom
ORGY! Captain has a tattoo. It provides an interesting map.
"So, those colours on your back are having sex?" he asked.

Just a Flimsy Pretext - mousapelli
ORGY! Arashi doesnt bother playing games like spin the bottle or truth or dare. They go straight to the making out.
"If you touch my hair with that soap on your hands," Jun informed Aiba with a sharp smile as he wrapped his arms around Ohno's chest, "I'm going to shove you in the sink."


alibi - cupcake4mafia
Nino wants Ohno, but does Ohno want him?
"I have to stop giving myself excuses," Ohno continues, sitting next to Nino at the foot of the bed. "I'm giving both of us excuses all the time, but there is no excuse."

Barriers - kitsume_tails
Early Ohmiya. Insanely cute.
Ohno’s reaction was the most curious to Nino, though, in that there was none. Other than an ever so slight shift to lean closer, Ohno acted as if it was an every day occurrence. As if having Nino in his personal space was as natural as breathing oxygen or drinking water.

importance - honooko
Nino waits, not realizing that someone else is waiting too. Gorgeous.
Every time Ohno doesn’t connect the admittedly scattered dots, Nino feels that much farther away from him.

things to do in uzbekistan - cimorene
I couldnt decide whether to put this under AU or Ohmiya, but even though the boys aren't in Arashi, they are still Ohmiya. and it's not like they're pirates or cavemen. This is beautiful - Nino goes traveling, and meets a boy in Uzbekistan. I LOVE Ohno's family here.
The boy's face has lit up with relief and curiosity, and he's halfway smiling at Ohno, the corner of his mouth curled wryly. There's a mole on his chin, and there's something about the corners of his eyes that makes Ohno want to touch them with his fingers.

What I Like About You - lazulisong
Nino likes girls like Leader. Ohno has no idea what that means.
He thinks about asking Aiba, but that would probably eventually involve flowcharts and diagrams and scientific inquiry, and Ohno has better things to do with his weekend.

Years - honooko
Lovely love fall into Ohmiya. And I love both of their mothers so much.
"Excellent," Nino's mother said, clapping her hands together brightly. "You make an honest wife out of my boy, now. I am expecting no less than two grandchildren."
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
18th-Apr-2009 11:55 pm - Random Drama Recs
I havent updated here in forever. Ive been reading fic like crazy, but not posting. Because ive been head down in watching dramas, not in reccing them.

Here's a random selection of stuff in my recs folder, all of which got saved to the folder "Random Japan." Which might or might not mean these recs are from Japanese dramas.

Smiling Pasta:

Ficlet - anenko
A tiny look at He Qun through Vincent's eyes.

Nobuta wo Produce:

Stars - mindlint
Lovely little look at Akira and Shuji on one side of the country, and Nobuta on the other.

This Geometry -star_flare
A look at triangles, through three sets of eyes.

Separately, Together part one, part two, and To Be Great - walkwithheroes
Part of a series about Akira and Nobuta's evolving relationship. These are the two I like best.

Lonely - honooko
Akira follows Shuji, and adjusts without Nobuta.

drabble series - saxon_dogs
I ship Akira/Nobuta hard, but this little series with Shittaka/Nobuta just works so well. His nervousness, her silence, Akira's urge to throw things at people...

Coffee Prince:

Shatterproof - kallistei
Eun Chan's bitchy little sister is such an awesome character! this is an awesome little fic about her and Min Yoep

Hana Kimi TW:

Aftermath - anenko
both the manga and the twdrama gloss over the attempted sexual assault, which really does not work for me, especially with how hysterical Rui Xi is initially in the drama. this? this is dealing.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:

down (and dirty) - anenko
mmmmmm, Nephrite/Ami. This is set after Ami returns from the Dark Mercury arc, and it's Ami's smile, with Dark Mercury's smirk behind it, and Ami would know if they were more then dreams, right? mmmmmmm.

Nodame Cantabile:

al fine - to the end - fivil
This is lovely. Chiaki gradually falling, and Nodame gradually moving into his heart (and his apartment and his bed)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
31st-Dec-2008 09:34 pm - LAST YEAR'S Yuletide recs
oops! i meant to spread these out, and ended up forgetting all about them, so here they are,17 fics of various fandoms, lengths, and crack levels. whoops! and THEN i managed to post them to my personal lj instead of minions. *sigh*

Tamora Pierce - Circle of Magic:

-Molten Metal and Miniature Trees - Carla
Daja, in mourning for Rizu, and after. I Love her and Briar's relationship here.

Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game series:

-Perspective Shift - Isabeau
The enemy's gate is down. Ender, and how he sees things during training. Very interesting.

Madeleine L'Engle - Austin Murry O'Keefe family

-A Song by Starlight - Merry
Charles Wallace's final exam. I love Meg here. She might be grown up with 2 kids, but she is still very MEG. Stubborn and brave, and she loves her brother so much.


Somebody loves me, because all three of these are AMAZING

-Wayward Son - Jane Elliot
Mac and Sam, trying to connect and find common ground.

-On the Occasion - medie
AWESOME Mac voice, and I love how he sees Murdoc. Murdoc can't let Mac's 40th birthday pass by uncelebrated, can he? complete with handcuffs, coffin, and a vat of acid!

-It's a Trap - birene
*cracks up laughing* Murdoc catches Mac yet again. I just..i cant..*snicker*


-Ingenium et Fides - Ione
Cordelia and Aral, debating about children after Miles. Chilling and funny and plausible. Oh, Miles.


-Detente - Sadie Flood
Penny and Amber come to a truce. Sort of. This feels in characters and plausible.

Fionavar Tapestry:

-A Heaven of Blackbirds - tree
Jaelle and Paul, Jaelle and Pwyll. Neat introspective into Jaelle's mind before/during/after the trilogy

-Rain - atheilen
Paul looking on life after. I love the thoughts on Kevin, and on never being in touch with Kimberly and Dave. I especially love the view on he and Jaelle and their relationship.

Fried Green Tomatoes:

-We'll Take What We Can Carry, and We'll Leave the Rest - luzdeestrellas
Such a lovely look at how life could have been for Idgie and Ruth, if they had caught Ruth's cancer early.

Fifth Element:

-Public Interest - Apathy
This is hilarious! A reporter tries to get the scoop on what happened by interviewing Leeloo and Korbin. And Ruby. *snickers*

Drop Dead Gorgeous:

-I'll Fit Everything I Need in My Double-Wide - cathybites
Annette never wanted anything more than Mount Rose, a pack of smokes, and Loretta. This is lovely and true and makes me very happy.


-Choose Water Over Wine - Ref
Chas learning his way. I like the feel of this, Chas tended towards optimism, and this feels like how he would see things.


-Retail Hell - Megolas
Sarah and Casey, dealing with the joys of retail. *cackle*

Brother's Grimm:

-A Happy Ending - evagalli
Jake follows the stories. Lovely and keeps the feeling of the brother's relationship. Jake/Angelika.

Diane Duane - Young Wizards:

-Lips to the Vessels, Throats to the Heavens - Yuletide Fairy
This is BRILLANT, and works, and i love the Lone Power here, and the pomegranates.
CLUE: Bang
18th-Oct-2008 11:18 pm - Nobuta wo Produce
Recently, i fell in love with yet another jdrama.

Nobuta wo Produce is adorable and fun and very very sweet. And I love Akira, and Shuji's exasperated acceptance of him, and both of their love for Nobuta.

So, have recs! If you know of other NwP fics, please link me to them, as I didnt find very many at all.

Warmer Together and The Morning After - wintersjuly
These are lovely connected ficlets about Akira, Shuji and Nobuta seeing each other again. The details really make it so you can see each character. Can be seen as OT3 or as gen - there is a little cuddling, but that's it.

The Roommate - peroxide_fic
Shuji is very very used to his weird life and weird Akira. He's never really thought about the fact that it is very very weird. Heh. Nice realization fic, and hilarious Akira characterization. Light Akira/Shuji, but really mostly gen. My favorite line:
I mixed the red miso and the white miso ‘cuz I thought there would be pink miso but it just turned brown. Kindergarten was wrong.

A Man of Conviction - peroxide_fic
Shuji is working very very hard not to mislead anymore girls. He just..hadn't planned to do it like this. *laughs hysterically* I love this Akira - goofy, insane, and perfectly willing to admit his first kiss was with his hand puppet. *kon* Light Akira/Shuji.

Falling In and Out of Sanity - Nu Hiep
I LOVE this story. Nobuta brings Akira and Shuji Mariko's baby, and insists they take care of it. It's not as silly as most stories about sudden babies, but is a good deal sweeter. Akira and Shuji are a team, and Akira might be an executive, but he's only playing executive - he's still crazy and weird and generally wonderful. I also love how it's just assumed that Shuji's dad took the news completely in stride, because he totally totally would. And would love a chance to play with the baby. The mental picture of Akira and Hikaru pressed together listening to Shuji's singing bedtime songs on Akira's voicemail is just..heart melting.

Home and Heart - Cara
Akira and Nobuta come home to Shuji. Just lovely. All three of them are growing up - and Shuji sent them away so they could do what they wanted. Now it's Shuji's turn.

Good Luck Pig - shrift
Akira and Shuji attempt to settle in at their new school. I very nearly wrote, "attempt to fit in," and that is NOT at all what's going on. Akira is very touchy feely in this one, and Shuji lets him with equal amounts of exasperation and fondness. This is Akira/Shuji, and very well handled. I love how Akira ends up basically living with Shuji, and how little Shuji's family even blinks at the whole situation.

NwP: Nobuta Power Enter!
18th-Aug-2008 10:04 pm - Buffy and Angel
A selection of recs from Buffy and Angel fic, which isnt something i read or think to rec all that often. i have periods when it's ALL i want to read, and then i dont touch it for months. i have a huge folder to rec. it's a little scary.

Intervention with the Vampire - littera_abactor
Cordelia decides Angel is depressed and needs therapy. 3 therapists down, and then there are dinosaurs.this.is.hilarious.
"Then she ripped off her blouse and said, ‘Oh, Dark Master, take me. Make me one of your Immortal Children.'"

Matchmaker - Lesley-Ann Colgan
Dawn and Xander decide to help Buffy get a date. things..dont go well. *snicker* So many good one liners in here.

Now I Live Here, Another Island - glossing
Buffy, Dawn, and Xander, surviving the summer after Tara dies and Willow goes crazy and Anya leaves. Sad and wistful and hopeful and true.

Five Bastardized Virtues: Xander - Te
I want to make out with this fic, it is so brilliantly written. 5 different things that could have happened during Buffy, to Xander.

Once in a Lullaby - doyle_sb4
This is an amazing piece. it takes the idea from Normal Again that Buffy really is in a mental institution, and the vampires and everything are all in her mind. How the people around her fit into her imaginary world is the most intriguing part for me. I LOVELOVELOVE the Pike connection. gorgeous and very very cool.
BUFFY: Crashed Your Prom
18th-Aug-2008 09:08 am - Tin Man
A few more Tin Man recs, which i meant to have up yesterday. whoops!

if it's shippy, it's probably DG/Cain, as they make me happy.

The Consort - maddycain
WIP, but author claims to have 95% written, and it's being posted fairly quickly. Cain agrees to become DG's consort for political reasons. Intriguing and an interesting storyline so far. im looking forward to more.

Now I Lay Me Down - caroly_214
a short little missing scene from part 2 of the mini. i like DG's willingness to lean on her new friends and Cain's protectiveness.

Not Dark Yet - alchemistc
a collection of drabbles, loosely related. i find the Az/Zero ones to be a really intriguing idea. i particularly like Trust, Schooldays, and Love, or something like.

Home for Christmas - erinm_4600
another collection of short fics, these all centered around the idea of Christmas and the celebrations that DG forces on shares with the OZ.

You Want to Know the Truth? - Bookjunkie22
i like the way this is set up, and i like how reluctant Cain is, and yet..how not. not nearly as angsty as i was expecting. the ending is a little cheesy, but i really like the whole thing.

Learning to Dance - purplerhino
lovely DG/Cain. needs a good beta for some grammer issues, but the story leaves me smiling. i love the playfulness of the fourth chapter - the image of Cain putting his hat on a hedgehog sculpture makes me squeal with cute. the smut is hot, but not overally graphic. overall=YAY.

The First Snow in Kansas - thursdays_girl
i LOVE this. it's DG, back in Kansas, but she's..different. and then one day, a cowboy walks in. told through the eyes of a regular at the diner. wonderful.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
2nd-Aug-2008 10:16 pm - More Yuletide!
I still have..entirely too many recs from yuletide, but this 5 fics at a time thing works for me. Also, Im not combing through my recs folder trying to find yuletide stuff from the same fandoms. Im just going with whatever is on top. But, hey, more recs more often? AWESOME.

Phil of the Future:
Feeling a Moment - plasticeneposes
Phil comes back to Keely, finally. Sad, and takes into account that Keely couldnt wait for Phil forever.

Princess Bride:
There Will Be No Survivors (Except for the Survivors Behind the Curtain, But Pay No Attention to Them) - knightshade
The future Dread Pirate Inigo is having some trouble settling down as a pirate. Left me grinning like an idiot.

Robin McKinley - Damar Series
Lake of Dreams - Olivia Circe
Corlath meets Aerin. This fits so neatly into Damar, too.

Sky High:
Reconnecting - Ceares
This manages to weave pitch perfect character voices, emails from the reunion committee, and a Planeteers reference - all into one sweet story about getting back in touch with your friends. Adorable.

One Thing Leads to Another - Jess
Layla, losing her idealism a little at a time. This is lovely and strong. And WARREN, oh, Warren. He sounds like the Warren that lives in my own head.
MIRRORMASK: Mama is too kind
22nd-Jul-2008 09:30 pm - Vorkosigan
Two sets of recs in two days? IVE GONE CRAZY.

I only have four for today, because I only have four Vorkosigan fics in my recs folder. There is never enough Vorkosigan fic, but what there is is awesome.

Three Men Who Never Left Barrayar - gisho
Oh, this is an amazing look at how different lives could have been. And when you think about what will happen with those people missing..dude. This is sad and scary and a little wistful.

Final Reunion - dame_grise
Taura's final moments. A fairy princess to the end. Lovely and sad and sweet.

Five Ways Ekaterin Never Met Miles at Twenty - sahiya
I love this. It runs the ranges of Ekaterin and Miles encountering each other on blind dates, as students, as random encounters, and my favorite, as a florist and Miles who desperately needs expensive flowers to get himself out of Alys bad graces. I really want to know about that duck, too. The fourth one, though, hurts.

Night Visit - tales_of_josan
Cordelia makes three stops right after Mirror Dance. Aral, Miles, and Mark. Cordelia's strength shines here.
BOOK: Botheri
22nd-Jul-2008 12:52 am - Arashi Arashi for Dream
How far I have fallen.

Ive fallen into bandom.

and not just any bandom.

no. ive fallen into JAPANESE BOYBAND bandom.


also, im trying something new, because lately i go to rec things, and then i get paralyzed by the sheer number of fics I have to rec, so im going to start trying to rec 5, any fandom, once a week. or so. you folks know im not too good at schedules.

Remedial Dating - honooko
Sho is fail with women. This is widely known. So, his stupid bandmates decide to...help. With all manner of useless lessons. That Sho fails. *snickers*

Five Things Nino is Forbidden to Say in an Interview - still_ciircee
This fic is about so much more than just Nino. Each section title is hilarious, and the way the boys abuse, love, and torment each other makes me grin madly. with evil glee.

The Clothes Off His Back - inthekeyofpike
This is lovely. The ending sections have a very dreamy quality to them. Ohmiya. What does it take for Ohno to see Nino like that?

Jun Loves His Stupid Bandmates - still_ciircee
This starts out sweet and full of Arashi love. And then the pinching and the tormenting starts. YAY. Jun really is so squishy for his bandmates. Even if they are all idiots.

Girl!Arashi - lazulisong
So. What would happen if Arashi suddenly got turned into girls? Snark, sniping, and alot of groping. Naturally.

That's tonight's five. Ill try to post another five recs soon. Hopefully, ill post more this way. I still have a whole backlog of yuletide and remix recs. *sigh*
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
13th-Jul-2008 10:36 pm - Jdrama! Jdrama! Jdrama!
My mind got eaten by Japan. It's really not my fault. All of these are either drama based, or depend so little on manga versions that it doesnt matter.

Hana Yori Dango:

Scarlet - lazulisong
Domyouji is inappropriately turned on. *purr* This is short, but very visceral.

A Million Reasons - dementedchris
This is sweet and touching. Tsukasa will do anything for Makino. Even if she is stupid enough to get sick.

All That I Need - dementedchris
Another sweet one. Tsukasa earns his way. With snark.

Observation - tarigwaemir
Interesting little look at two people on a bus. I love the last line.

Dilemma - honooko
Soujiroh/Akira and inevitability. Lovely lovely.

Six Times Makino Tsukushi Was Annoyingly Late, and One Time She Wasn't - tofuidol
YES. Pitch perfect Makino and Domyouji, and her lateness is HILARIOUSLY awesome. Domyouji swings between completely insane and completely awesome, as he should.

Well, he says the last bit in English, and it actually ends up "you trying to kiss bus" but Tsukushi is well versed in Domyouji-babble these days.

Gokusen: - Mainly manga-verse, but fairly easily understood by drama fans.

30 Kisses - MoonKlutz
Shin/Yankumi. Falling in love in 30 parts. Very well written, and it allows Shin and Yankumi to handle things at their own pace.

Shall We Dance - ev1l-ch1b1-urd
Yankumi lays a trap for herself. And falls right into it, and in love with Shin. A fun read. Gets a little goofy and a little too convenient close to the end, but still enjoyable.

The simplest solution - orange_crushed
Soft and lovely and waiting. Beautiful.

Slight Misunderstandings - Akene_Rei
Yankumi misunderstands a few things. Like, the fact that Shin isnt gay. *giggles* Funny and touching.

Write For You - anenko
Slow and lovely as Yankumi finally realizes.

Classroom Interlude - Linay
YES. Ive been WANTING angry!confrontational!Shin after Yankumi resigns, and this delivers. Sadly, no porn, but some makeouts.

The Absence of Nothing - Avelynn Tame
Shin's interest in Yankumi, told according to his attendance records at school. Brilliant.

Hana Kimi:

All That I Have - Chash
Nakatsu and Kayashima, after high school. Cute and adorable and left me grinning.

A Little Ghostly Nudge - Settiai
Nakatsu gets possessed. Sometimes it scares me that I belong to a fandom where people getting possessed is fairly routine. And generally hilarious. Nakatsu/Kayashima, with a little bit of help.

Close Quarters - threewalls
Nakatsu/Mizuki/Sano, in a way. Only not yet. Nakatsu discovers Mizuki's secret during a school wide sleepover.

Gift Exchange - mercuriosity
Ive yet to understand why Hana Kimi fandom isnt kneedeep in threesome fics with Sano/Mizuki/Nakatsu. IT SOLVES SO MANY PROBLEMS. This time around, Sano and Nakatsu pick out a gift for Mizuki.

Crowd - mercuriousity
MmMMM, threesome. This is lovely and lyrical in the discovery.

Snapshots - exwaiz
I love the feeling of this one. Sweet Nakatsu/Kayashima.

Tomorrow - stickerbox
Im a die hard Sano/Mizuki fan, but I love seeing how people handle Nakatsu's crush on Mizuki. This is lovely and sweet, and in its own way, sad. Because we already know how it's going to end.

Smiles - rinalin
It's SEKIME fic! *glee* Short and cute. Ashiya always sees him.

I have a scary number of Arashi fics to rec too. Will try to get to those tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed these!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
10th-Apr-2008 07:17 pm - SPN recs
pathstotread was looking for nonWincest recs, so have an outpouring of stuff from my overflowing recs folder.

White Pony - thepurpleswitch - creepy and turny and heart hurty. Oh, Sam. *weeps*

A Warm Summer Rain - dodger_winslow - this is the third in a series, but I really only like this one. Dean comes back to see a teacher who had an effect on him as a kid. it feels real.

A Change is Gonna Come - cosmic - chilling and terrifying, in a quiet way. John made a wish. Just one little wish.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (He Kindly Stopped for Me - kroki_refur - hilarious and twisted. the boys develop an interesting curse. Again and again and again. *snicker* surprisingly touching, at the end.

Six of One - vee_fic
I LOVE THIS FIC. It's amazing and twisty and plotty and so very involved. It took me until close to the end to figure out exactly what was going on, and then I immediately had to reread it. Gorgeous.

Thunder Road - ishfal - This is such a cool look at something that FEELS like it could easily be canon. Sam gets a girl pregnant. Dean is told to take her to a clinic and take care of things. But, it's so much more than that, and so not simple, and so very Dean.

Days Like This - killa
Angel crossover. Plotty and fun. Both Angel and Dean stay in character, and there isnt a lot of "AAAAAGH VAMPIRE!" which is nice.

Crossroad Dirt -killa
this fandom does bring the angst, and it brings it well. AU of Devil's Trap, and after. Sammy does what he has to do to save his family.
Tell Dad, the gun works.

Accidents Will Happen - holli - hilarious! told from an OC's point of view. Who accidentally brings John Winchester back from the dead.

Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning - buffyaddict13
Countdown to Dean's death. Sam does word puzzles. Awesome and tense.

Vocabulary - Innie
Highschool!Sam fic. Sam does his homework and figures out who he is. This flows nicely, and his utter confidence in his big brother is lovely.

Family Business - eloise_bright - i havent even seen the ep in question, but this left me grinning like a loon.

Walk Like a Man - hkath
fucking HILARIOUS. age regression fic...except their bodies dont de-age. just their minds. *cracks up*

Fifty Miles of Humiliation - kellifer_fic
Several fics show how much of a spaz Sam is when he first meets Jess. This one? Goes the other way. And it's funny, and it's cringe inducing, and it makes me like Jess as a person.

Snuffleupagus - kellifer_fic
*flaps hands* I cant describe this any better than the author does: Sometimes imaginary friends...aren't. Gets you in the gut.

The Day Dean Wouldn't Leave - meyerlemon
This fic makes me snort water straight out of my nose. This is part of the Dean/Dana series - Dana, by the way, is a schoolmarm. And she makes Dean nonverbal and clumsy. And y'all? She thinks he is cognitively delayed. It is the most hilarious thing Ive read in a while. And the following fics are HOT and awesome. I love Dana.
Yuletide Recs. I DID read in reverse alphabetical order, but then I went back and caught things I didnt see the first time, grabbed things from other people's recs lists, read some of the New Years Resolution fics..and ended up with some obscene number of fics in NO ORDER WHATSOEVER.

I kept trying to do one huge endless list of recs, and I finally figured out that would never ever happen. i value what's left of my brain too much. so, have a short list, with hopefully more to follow at some point in the future.


10 Things I Hate About You:
all the things that start with p - obfuscate
Kat and Patrick. And they're snarky and cute and Kat totals his car. Yay!

Billy Elliot:
Dancing Boys - rilla
They're best friends, even after being apart for so long. And best friends can become something else so easily. Lovely lovely. And they're a little awkward and off kilter, but they're so pretty.

Just like - you're my other bit. My right arm.

Curriculum Vitae - Iseult Variante
Five jobs Angela has had. This weaves her past jobs and her current job in seamlessly with each other. This has a great Angela voice - she really comes through. Although picturing Angela working at Starbucks is very difficult.

Fairy Tales:
The Troll Princess
A retelling of my favorite fairy tale, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, from the point of view of the troll princess. Awesome and hilarious. She's better off without him, the twerp!

in the end she's got a husband who will probably beat her and I've got my own small fortune in impractical household objects

Bittersweet - Truth
A slightly backwards version of The Frog Prince. What happens when the prince was waiting for someone who wasn't going to show? Well..there's always her brother...

What the Pea Proved - akamarykate
a very different idea on The Princess and the Pea. Why WOULD a random girl be able to pass that test?

The Man in the Mirror - slipsthrufingers
shivery, creepy tale of what happens after the transformation in Beauty and the Beast

Little Miss Sunshine:
a fucking conversation about whatever - kristiinthedark
Dwayne and Frank and a conversation. Nice.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down - Merlin Missy
This has been recced all over the place and it SHOULD BE, because it is JUST THAT AWESOME. Campy and twisted and hilarious, with so many awesome references! EILONWY! Captain Caveman! The Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister!

Dead Like Me:
The Bitter End - sanyin
George and a coffee shop, at its simplest. It is, of course, more complicated. I really like how this feels - baristas always feel a little like they will be there endlessly, and it suits George.

Gentlemen - trascendenza
Corny's a real gentleman, right enough. And Maybelle wonders if he'll ever get the hint.

The Babysitter's Club
Abby's Hanukkah Tales! -Ari
Absolutely HILARIOUS. And everyone is gay!

Frank L Baum - The Oz series
Everything Changes (Except Oz) - Cyn
Neat look at Dorothy and the Scarecrow and their relationship throughout the years

Sesame Street:
Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools- greenspine
DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILDHOOD TO REMAIN INTACT. READ THE TITLE. And then? Oh, MAN, this is so wrong. And it's even wronger because it actually sounds like something Ernie would do! And the oatmeal. OH GOD THE OATMEAL.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - neko_chelle
Reads like an episode, especially the dialogue. A great way for a kid's show to approach the topic of homosexuality.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh
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