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What a wonderful children's movie!
(wonderful if you belong to the devil!)
Nobuta wo Produce 
18th-Oct-2008 11:18 pm
Recently, i fell in love with yet another jdrama.

Nobuta wo Produce is adorable and fun and very very sweet. And I love Akira, and Shuji's exasperated acceptance of him, and both of their love for Nobuta.

So, have recs! If you know of other NwP fics, please link me to them, as I didnt find very many at all.

Warmer Together and The Morning After - wintersjuly
These are lovely connected ficlets about Akira, Shuji and Nobuta seeing each other again. The details really make it so you can see each character. Can be seen as OT3 or as gen - there is a little cuddling, but that's it.

The Roommate - peroxide_fic
Shuji is very very used to his weird life and weird Akira. He's never really thought about the fact that it is very very weird. Heh. Nice realization fic, and hilarious Akira characterization. Light Akira/Shuji, but really mostly gen. My favorite line:
I mixed the red miso and the white miso ‘cuz I thought there would be pink miso but it just turned brown. Kindergarten was wrong.

A Man of Conviction - peroxide_fic
Shuji is working very very hard not to mislead anymore girls. He just..hadn't planned to do it like this. *laughs hysterically* I love this Akira - goofy, insane, and perfectly willing to admit his first kiss was with his hand puppet. *kon* Light Akira/Shuji.

Falling In and Out of Sanity - Nu Hiep
I LOVE this story. Nobuta brings Akira and Shuji Mariko's baby, and insists they take care of it. It's not as silly as most stories about sudden babies, but is a good deal sweeter. Akira and Shuji are a team, and Akira might be an executive, but he's only playing executive - he's still crazy and weird and generally wonderful. I also love how it's just assumed that Shuji's dad took the news completely in stride, because he totally totally would. And would love a chance to play with the baby. The mental picture of Akira and Hikaru pressed together listening to Shuji's singing bedtime songs on Akira's voicemail is just..heart melting.

Home and Heart - Cara
Akira and Nobuta come home to Shuji. Just lovely. All three of them are growing up - and Shuji sent them away so they could do what they wanted. Now it's Shuji's turn.

Good Luck Pig - shrift
Akira and Shuji attempt to settle in at their new school. I very nearly wrote, "attempt to fit in," and that is NOT at all what's going on. Akira is very touchy feely in this one, and Shuji lets him with equal amounts of exasperation and fondness. This is Akira/Shuji, and very well handled. I love how Akira ends up basically living with Shuji, and how little Shuji's family even blinks at the whole situation.

NwP: Nobuta Power Enter!
19th-Oct-2008 03:26 am (UTC)

There are a few that I have not read!

19th-Oct-2008 03:33 am (UTC)
YAY! Im glad i found a couple new ones for you!

I know, right? MOOOOAR.
7th-Nov-2008 04:46 am (UTC)
Here's the running list of Nobuta fics that I've enjoyed: http://delicious.com/jain7856/nobutawoproduce

So far, I've got links to 70+ full-length fics and 30+ ficlets. A little over half of the stories are Shuuji/Akira, and the rest are gen, het, or femslash (as I appear to be the only person in the world to see the appeal of Shuuji/Shittaka, and I've not written that pairing yet myself). Hopefully you'll find something you like there.
11th-Nov-2008 01:18 am (UTC)
oh, awesome! thank you!
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